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Ready to Spiritually Heal For Good?

Everything starts with a decision. You have the opportunity RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW to change the trajectory of YOUR life! 

Sure, You Could Do It Yourself.

I feel your pain. I understand the weight of the guilt and shame that accompanies the disappointment of NOT doing, being, thinking or feeling the way the church has demanded of you. I know what it is to live your ENTIRE life disempowered and feeling as if your thoughts, feelings and beliefs don't matter. This is not something I read in a book; this was me for 4 decades...

But if you're anything like me, you need help to address your issues and get practical healing results. You just want someone to help you heal. For good. 

but let's be real...

Religious Strongholds are Hard to Live With & Hard to Break

Trauma is NOT created equal! The effects of traumatic religious events vary from person to person, which is why a supportive community along with practical coaching methods from a trauma-informed professional, are key factors in GETTING RESULTS. Group Therapy is what I have found to work EXPONENTIALLY! 

So what if you didn't have to? What if you had a powerful, practical solution that helped you break them? What if it was super amazing and supportive?


Church Hurt
Weekend Workshop

A Group Therapy Program that focuses on Religious Trauma Therapy & Healing! There are 3 steps to the complete process, however, in this immersive weekend we focus on the 1st step which is HEALING YOUR TRAUMA. Is this something that you are READY to EXPLORE?

Yes, please

January 6 - 7, 2023

module 1

Trade Trauma wounds for the Embodiment of Truth. We heal by revealing truth. Yes, it's THAT simple. 

module 2

Ditch the Dogma & Doctrine that is controlling your life and learn to Employ Spiritual Principles.

module 3

Release the shackles of Religion and learn how to Embrace Your Own Personal Creative Power.

Truth Heals

Coach Steph changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am if not for her.


I've never had freedom like this before working with Coach Steph. I am exploding with purpose.


ABOUT coach steph

I'm a Master Spiritual Coach For People in Search of Truth & Healing.

Aside from my 4 decades of religious leadership as a Founding Pastor's kid, I also went through my own Spiritual Awakening, became a Certified Spiritual Psychology Coach, as well as a Certified Spiritual Practitioner and now currently pursuing my Doctor of Divinity (all through Emerson Theological Institute). 


You’re Someone Who is Seeking Truth & Healing.

You are most likely an earlier version of myself! Honestly! You are probably questioning your own beliefs against the rules and condemnation that you hear at church, and you might even be questioning things that just don't add up logically...among other stuff!

Don't you just wish that someone would GET it? Someone could create a way to help you do a deep dive into what's REALLY wrong? Well.... great news.

“Stephanie was the best choice I’ve made for my spiritual healing & alignment, hands down. She’s a master!” 


With this workshop...

You Will:

+ get live religious trauma coaching

+ discover the limited beliefs holding you hostage

+ Learn how to employ spiritual principles

+ learn how to embody truth & Live on purpose

want something like that?

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