About Me

Hi there! I’m Stephanie, a no non-sense Strategic Spiritual Teacher & Mentor

A true Pisces to the bone... I live for an ice cream cone, am always in a pair of chucks, and swear Taco Cabana has the best mango margaritas!


I was a bible-thumping Baptist Christian Pastor's daughter steeped in doctrine & dogma. It felt "true". Until I started to question...

I am PK (Pastor's Kid) that was born and raised in the Black Baptist church in Houston, TX (on the south belt). If we weren't in service, we were evangelizing in the neighborhood, or having a 3PM Sunday service or selling BBQ dinners after church. I LIVED at the church. I am also a Worship Leader & Musician and I began leading in this area when I was 13! And with all of this "church experience" I still questioned what sin was and why I was condemned for the actions of someone that lived 5000 years ago. The only explanation I ever got was "because the Bible says"...

I sat with this question and questions like this for 4 DECADES...until I went searching for answers...searching for #Truth...

From Bondage to Freedom!

Then I finally found my purpose, helping people shift from the bondage of conformity to true spiritual freedom

Worthiness is something that a LOT of people struggle with. I know I did and when I discovered the truth about the Bible, how it was compiled, and the true goal of the text (which is to teach spiritual principle); I realized that my sense of low self worth came from church! When you are told, from birth, that you are born sinful and shaped in iniquity then it's easy to think less about yourself. Ring any bells yet? 

After I decided that I wanted to pursue the #truth about the Bible I left  the traditional church and organized religion. Yep. I literally walked out of a service, in the middle of alter prayer, after I just JUST finished leading worship, and never returned. 

I left the bondage of religion and found the freedom of oneness, spiritual principle and consciousness. I now have a life that I love and a belief system that is unshakable! I'd love the opportunity to help you re-build yours to YOU can also have the life you truly desire! 

And yes...I am still team #Jesus! 

I'm a classic Meyers-Briggs Protagonist... but I live for a mango margarita from Taco Cabana and value my alone time.

Top: my favorite hat. Left, my favorite dress. Right: my BFF 


Stephanie is the founder of Belief Builders Global. She's a no-nonsense Strategic Spiritual Teacher & Mentor who swears she came out of the womb helping women heal. She hopes to be known for helping people build belief systems based on truth; not trauma or religious traditions. 




I live for a pair of chucks. Seriously, I own like 34 pair. Everyone looks better in chucks!  


I can't whistle for the life of me! Never have been able to. Probably never will. #secretshame


I secretly cry during emotional dramas and romantic comedies. #embarrassing


I've never been engaged, married or divorced. But I still have hope for true love #stillhopeful

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things!


Favorite indulgence

Chocolate Covered Pecan Toffee

celeb i'd love to meet

Dave Chapelle or Marjorie Harvey

Guilty pleasure

Spa Time

alternate universe job:

Attorney. Injustice is never cool. 

favorite place i've been:

Costa Rica. I might buy real estate there..lol

drink of choice

A French 75, of course!

can't live without

Cafe Mocha from Starbucks

usually craving

Jeni's Ice-cream... and Tacos. 

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby!

favorite show to binge

Virgin River & Greenleaf


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