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Listen. It's time for you to BEGIN your journey to truth. You've felt it. You've googled things. You've watched a few controversial YT Videos. I say RIP THE BANDAID OFF! There is nothing like #LivingInTruth - I can help!
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Ready To Release The Shackles of Religion & Be Spiritually Free?

You were NOT born in sin and shaped in iniquity. However I am sure your throat is clinching just from reading that! Wow. Our thoughts are THAT powerful. Here's the good news - when YOU decide to change the thought that informs that command then you can be FREE, too...

here's what i do as a strategic spiritual Teacher & mentor:

H.E.A.L. Church Hurt


Hurt people, Hurt people. What's done is done. Are you tired of living with the #shame & #guilt linked to all of the rules & traditions of religion? Would you like to experience true #healing?
True spiritual freedom? Let me help.

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From Religion to Relationship

God is NOT some genie in a bottle sitting on high passing out "favor" and "condemnation" as he feels. God is a spirit, a presence, an intelligence, and so much more!

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Truth-Based Community

Having a SAFE space to release religious shackles is IMPERATIVE for your journey! I am committed to creating that space for anyone who needs it. We can't wait to meet ya! 
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“Coach Steph was the best choice for my spiritual growth hands down. She’s hard core BUT it's so worth it! 

@Tina santos

The extent to which we believe is the extent that we will experience... 

Everyone has experienced some level of trauma, we just don't "readily" identify with what it truly is until we have had some kind of life crisis. Listen, in 2019 I walked away from 4 decades of trauma disguised as religious dogma...and lived to tell you about it! 
Check out my journey below! 

About me

A Few free resources

H.E.A.L. Church Hurt Series

This is week #1 of a series I taught at my church on How to HEAL your Church Hurt & release yourself from the bondage of traditions!

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Temple Alchemy Podcast

This is an 8-Part Podcast Series I did in
2021 on Universal Laws from a Biblical perspective focusing on Spiritual Principle! 

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The Power of A Changed Mind

This is week #1 of a series I taught at my church on the Power of Thought! As a man thinketh, so is he! Grab a notepad! 

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Our lives are nothing more than the manifestation of our thoughts. Our thoughts inform our feelings, emotions, decisions, experiences, circumstances and ultimately our lives. My goal is to help you create from truth-based beliefs - not trauma-based ones. 

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